Michael Bogosian was born in 1950 in Istanbul, Turkey, the former capitol of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and home to a tradition of fine jewelry spanning over two millennia.

At the age of 10, Michael carried on his father’s legacy and began a full-time apprenticeship with one of the finest jewelry houses in Istanbul. By age 16, he had learned every facet of the trade, cultivating the highest level of skills a jeweler could achieve in metal, diamond setting and design, imagining intricate designs and creating pieces from start to finish. With an amazing array of skills and dreams of a better life, Michael left his roots in Istanbul as a teenager and headed for America with just $75 in his pocket.

Connecting with a relative who had already emigrated to the U.S., Michael arrived in Studio City, California, centrally located near many of the hottest names in the entertainment industry. Within a few years, Michael developed a reputation as the finest jeweler in the area, and in 1972, he founded Matthew’s, a retail jewelry store named after his first son.

Today, Matthew’s stands as one of the premier jewelry boutiques in all of Los Angeles. His beautiful wife Aida, Michael’s sons Matthew, Brian, Michael, Jr. and Arthur are poised to proudly carry on the Michael B. legacy for generations to come.

Michael B

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Our Signature Diamond Work Ethic


In the early 1990’s, when gold was still king, Michael re-discovered an old friend, Platinum, and transformed the jewelry industry forever. The metal of royalty first made famous by Louis Cartier, Platinum had been ignored by a jewelry establishment that was increasingly focused on mass production. Although a softer metal, Platinum is far more dense and durable than gold. As a result, working with Platinum requires far more skill, time and effort. By the end of the decade, Michael turned Platinum into a household name with an array of innovative and spectacular designs.

Michael was also the first to implement Micro Pavé, an intricate and painstaking yet elegant method of setting ultra-miniature diamonds to lend a more delicate ambience to the center stone than had ever been achieved. Michael was also first to focus not just on the outside of the ring but on the bottom and inside as well. He began incorporating his logo into the back of each piece and eliminated unsightly holes inside the ring. His look was bold, solid and unmistakably Michael B. With the introduction of the Trois © Collection, Michael set another trend by incorporating a matching band on each side of the engagement ring. The result is an unsurpassed level of balance and symmetry now featured in his other award-winning bridal collections.

While many top name designers manufacture their product overseas to cut costs and increase profits, Michael B. jewelry is manufactured in Studio City, California, where quality and service remain top priorities. Although Michael served too many celebrity clients to list, he believed that every client should be treated like a star and as such, we bond with each client on a personal level.

Awards and Accolades

Michael B. has been featured in a wide variety of elite publications. Including:
Robb Report, Town & Country, Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings,Vogue, Elegant Bride, InStyle, Los Angeles Magazine, Engagement 101,Jewelers Quarterly (JQ), International Jeweler, Vanity Fair, Movieline, The Hollywood Reporter, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, South Florida,Wedding Bells, Vegas, W Magazine, Los Angeles Confidential, Condé Nast Brides, Los Angeles Weddings, Variety, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style,Modern Jeweler, Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK), Celebrated Living.

  • 1997 Town & Country Couture Conference Platinum Award
  • 1998 Platinum Passion Design Competition Award Winner
  • 2003 Town & Country Couture Conference Designer of the Year
  • 2008 JCK Finalist, Best Bridal Designer
  • 2008 Best Platinum Designer*
  • 2009 Best Bridal Designer*
  • 2009 JCK Winner, Best Bridal Designer*JQ International Jewelers Choice Awards