Studio City, California – Home of Michael B. Jewelry


In 1984, Michael and Aida Bogosian's world would take an exciting, life-changing turn. Michael had opened a small jewelry store named Matthew's Jewelry Store after his first son in 1972, located in Studio City, California. Looking to get into trade shows and possibly branch out into the fashion world, Michael and Aida created and marketed jeweled sterling silver belt buckles. While the buckles were exhibited at New York accessory shows, Michael and Aida were eager for these new creations to be featured at jewelry shows. But the jewelry show people turned them down. They told Michael and Aida to come back with jewelry. So they did. By the next jewelry show, in 1993, Michael had designed the first Michael B collection: an 18 karat Etruscan line, featuring precious gems. Michael and Aida set up jewelry shows and did all the marketing and press for the new line. As fresh, successful designers, Michael and Aida attended a Platinum Guild event, where it was suggested to Michael that he design a platinum bridal jewelry line. In 1994, the Michael B platinum bridal jewelry line was launched. Michael and Aida represented the line throughout the United States, helping to make the line [...]

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