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The Michael B. BOLT Collection, originally designed to be a collection of substance and circumstance for men, was intriguingly as desirable for women who fell in love with its bold and weighty feel.

Each piece is designed with a comfort fit high polish finish in 18k rose gold. Our master jewelers at Michael B. can customize the setting to nearly any size or shape. The BOLT Collection can also be requested with mixed metal combinations.

Michael B. liked to wear pieces from his BOLT Collection to make a statement. It accessorized his exquisite taste and never took away his look.

All Michael B. Jewelry is designed to elevate your own individuality. Never defined it!

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A woman’s love of jewelry is magical—I am always amazed at how young they start getting attached to jewelry. Music has lots of influence and makes me energetic. Art centers my mind and influences my designs. My work is my passion.

Michael B.