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About the Princess Ring

Princess Ring was the first of it’s kind to demonstrate the absolute beauty and wonder of micro pavé. The first ring Princess Ring was made and presented to the world as an innovation in design in 1998. It was created following the tremendous achievement of being awarded the Town & Country Couture Conference Platinum Award in 1997.

Michael B. was the inventor of Micro Pavé, an intricate and painstaking yet elegant method of setting ultra-miniature diamonds to lend a more delicate ambiance to the center stone.

The Princess Ring was also the first ring to feature the repurposing of an old technique in a new application commonly known as the “French cut” or ‘V’ cuts.

The copyrighted Michael B. four prong basket features a unique “Fleur de Lys” design that uniquely brands his modern yet timeless look and feel.

Michael B. was relentless on his attention to detail because of his love and dedication to creating something worthy of being worn and cherished.