Stitch Collection

/Stitch Collection

In the Michael B. STITCH Collection, two metals are stitched together to create a beautiful warm and original experience. Michael’s vision for this piece was derived from his appreciation and love of hand made suits.

Michael B. was inspired and mentored by Bijan of Beverly Hills many years prior to his leap into designing engagement rings and fashion jewelry for Hollywood celebrities. Many ideas and inspirations were derived from the lessons he learned manufacturing pieces for Mr. Bijan’s list of highly prestigious private clients.

The unique stitching was made to resemble the subtle customizations he liked to add to the many beautiful Bijan suits he wore daily. Upon request, we often make subtle customizations for our customers to keep with this tradition of personalization.

All of Michael B. engagement ring designs and wedding bands are inspired by something he has come to love and appreciate in his life.

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A woman’s love of jewelry is magical—I am always amazed at how young they start getting attached to jewelry. Music has lots of influence and makes me energetic. Art centers my mind and influences my designs. My work is my passion.

Michael B.