MICHAEL B. uses only the finest diamonds available for micro pavé work. Mined in Russia, evenly calibrated and scrupulously hand cut to perfection. The color grade used for MICHAEL B. micro pavé work is F, the highest color grade available for such diamonds, and the clarity level is VVS 1 to VVS 2, again the highest clarity grade available for such diamonds. By using the finest diamonds in the world, MICHAEL B. ensures the highest level of brilliance and stunning beauty that can be achieved.

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Precious Metals


Platinum is the metal of choice for MICHAEL B. engagement rings and wedding bands because of its purity, durability and value.

Platinum is 17x rarer than gold, making it the rarest naturally white precious metal in the world. It is denser than gold and more pure, so you get more precious metal for your dollar. Platinum requires an infusion of only 10% of Iridium, a white metal in the Platinum family, to make it strong enough for platinum jewelry. Eighteen carat White Gold requires an infusion of 25% white alloy or pot metal (often containing skin irritating Nickel) to whiten its natural yellow color and to strengthen it for gold jewelry. Rhodium plating is then applied, which wears off over time allowing yellow to show through until the ring is re-plated. Platinum is more pure, hypoallergenic, and requires less long-term maintenance.

Platinum also offers greater security for your center stone. Gold is more brittle than platinum and wears away over time, which can result in thin, loose prongs.  Platinum prongs are denser and a far more secure choice for precious gems.