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Michael Jr. Get’s Married!

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Tati Westbrook – Quintessa Engagement Ring

Tati Westbrook married longtime boyfriend James Westbrook in January of 2017. James visited Matthew’s Jewelry Store in Studio City, California and connected with the owner Aida Bogosian instantly. Aida is also the current CEO of Michael B. Jewelry following the passing of Michael B. in April 2014.

Tati’s beautiful Quintessa Wide Band Engagement Ring was custom made for her and tailored to suit her extraordinary taste. Aida had this to say about the couple:

James and Tati are one of the most beautiful couple’s we have ever had the pleasure of creating an engagemeng ring for. James worked so hard to make sure Tati was absolutey blown away by the final piece. I hope she’ll enjoy wearing it as much as I did making it for her.

Here are a few pictures we’ve borrowed from Tati’s Instagram page where she features the ring:

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Studio City, California – Home of Michael B. Jewelry

In 1984, Michael and Aida Bogosian’s world would take an exciting, life-changing turn. Michael had opened a small jewelry store named Matthew’s Jewelry Store after his first son in 1972, located in Studio City, California. Looking to get into trade shows and possibly branch out into the fashion world, Michael and Aida created and marketed jeweled sterling silver belt buckles. While the buckles were exhibited at New York accessory shows, Michael and Aida were eager for these new creations to be featured at jewelry shows. But the jewelry show people turned them down. They told Michael and Aida to come back with jewelry. So they did. By the next jewelry show, in 1993, Michael had designed the first Michael B collection: an 18 karat Etruscan line, featuring precious gems. Michael and Aida set up jewelry shows and did all the marketing and press for the new line. As fresh, successful designers, Michael and Aida attended a Platinum Guild event, where it was suggested to Michael that he design a platinum bridal jewelry line.

In 1994, the Michael B platinum bridal jewelry line was launched. Michael and Aida represented the line throughout the United States, helping to make the line an […]

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Engagement Ring Designer’s Parisian Love Story

Michael B. is one of the most celebrated bridal & fashion jewelry designers of our era. Starting at the young age of 13 in a small artisan workshop on the streets of Istanbul his reputation for innovation and hard work won him respect among his masters in a few short years. With dreams of a better life, he journeyed to America as so many of our ancestors did.

Today, he is credited with pioneering the art micro pave and forever changing an entire bridal jewelry industry. It’s hard to avoid the fantastic contribution he has made to every beautiful bride’s life.

Michael B. continues to break the mold and embrace inspiration from life and love.

Read more about Michael B.’s story and see what inspired him to make creating beautiful jewelry his life’s passion.

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White Gold 3 Sided Quintessa Engagement Ring

A beautiful vineyard in California’s Napa Valley inspired the Quintessa collection, a luxurious expression of Michael B.’s signature style. This ring features a round setting with eye-catching micro-pave diamonds (0.75ctw). Price listed online does not include center diamond. We have thousands of diamonds available in all sizes, shapes, colors and clarities to help you create your perfect engagement ring.

If you have questions about this ring or any other from the Quinessa Collection, please visit our Concierge and a customer service representative will get back to you shortly.

This video was produced by Michael C. Fina.

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Engagement Ring Designer Series

Walking into the world of master craftsman Michael B. Hear first hand from the guru of micro-pave, on what inspires him to deliver such beautiful bridal jewelry to the world. This short film explores his passion for designing beautiful jewelry and what standards in building one of the most eclectic and fantastic bridal collections.


Michael Bogosian, aka Michael B., was born in 1950 in Istanbul, Turkey, the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and home to a jewelry-making tradition spanning over two millennia. At age 10, Michael began designing and handcrafting exquisite jewelry under the supervision of one of the premier jewelry manufacturing houses in Istanbul. At 16, he arrived in the United States and at 21 founded Matthews, Los Angeles premiere jewelry boutique catering to some of the top names in the entertainment industry. In 1983, Michael was commissioned to create a magnificent jeweled egg symbolic of the Romanov eggs made by the House of Fabergé in czarist Russia. Placed on display at San Sylmar Museum, the egg remains a testament to his creative genius and passion for supreme craftsmanship.

In the 1990s, Michael B. emerged as the worlds preeminent platinum and diamond bridal designer. In 1997, he […]

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